We have designed stained glass pieces in numerous different styles in every hue and tone with an endless variety of glass types. Be inspired by our gallery of work and why not add beauty, colour and value to your home today!

We hope our portfolio of stained glass and leaded lights will give you an idea of what this craft can do for your home.

treeedited.jpgwindows 017.jpgswan 001.jpgswan 003.jpgpapplewickbigedited.jpgpapplewickedited.jpgtreezedited.jpgroseedited.jpghunt 002.JPGhunt 003 (1).JPGbadgeredited.jpglilliesedited.jpg034edited.jpgwilf.jpgparty 206.jpgP1010110 (1).JPGbutterflies 145.jpg012.jpgpoppyedited.jpgMVC-016S (1).JPGredshapeseditededited.jpgfreestyle 005.jpglondonrdedited.jpgCherries.jpg